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 Kay Heald HR. ‘I had no idea that I would come away with so many super suggestions or learn so much in such a short space of time.

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As a Business Owner, how much time do you take to work ON the business?  Time to reflect on how its going?

Your business deserves you taking quality time out to ensure you are focused on the right things in the business at the right time.  

All too often we, as business owners, stay working IN the business and miss key opportunities to learn from others and all too easily can affect our success and growth of the business.

At YourTime2 we have other like minded business owners from very diverse businesses and backgrounds who come together once a month.  They take this quality time out to raise and discuss key issues for which either guidance, mutual support and solutions can be found.

This is like having 8 business coaches in one room, here to support, guide and help you find solutions but in a supportive and confidential boardroom session.

Welcome to YourTime2  - Planning for 2016

We have seen  over 120 business owners planned time in their diary to spend ON their business.  

Such a valuable investment which received great feedback and a clearer focus for them to make their business have Intent and Purpose.

Did you plan time last year to help you better understand the issues you are facing?  Sharing your experience with other like minded people helps?

We have planned events on a quarterly basis and those have been booked and ready for you to claim your place on one of them,  

Don’t delay, plan your diary today and book on to ensure you get one of the 4 places available at each event.  

There is no subscription fee, no membership fee, just a one off payment.

You get chance to;

It is a real must if you are serious at looking after the health of your business.

Don’t take our word for it, see the testimonials in the bottom right of this page.

Now just take a second to subscribe to our mailing. No cost, not tie in, no spamming.

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